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A New Look

For the past 6-9 months every time I looked at my logo it just didn't seem right. It was feeling too cutesty for the style of work I do/want to do. It served me well for the last 5 years but was in desperate need of change.

Old Logo

Old Logo

I got in contact with Amy Hirschi, a web and brand designer, who is absolutely amazing! The last time I had my logo done the designer asked me a couple questions like what colors I liked and general style then created a couple options and I picked my favorite and asked her to tweak one or two things. Amy's process was way more in depth and I felt like she was really trying to get down to what I really wanted and what reflected me and my work.


She started by having me take a survey she created that asked questions quite a few questions about what I didn't like about my current logo, the style of my work, what I wanted, etc. From there she created a Pinterest board where we both added examples of logos and branding we liked to narrow down styles and color pallets. Then she created 6 different logos with sub logos. I told her what I liked and didn't like about each of them. She then revised each of the 6 logos and sub logos and from those 6 I picked a few favorites and told her what I really liked about each of them. She combined them to create one amazing logo and sub logo.

After I had made a final decision on the logo and sub logo she put together a branding package including:

The logo and sub logo in black and white in different file types

A color pallet with exact numbers

Marketing materials for sharing on social media

The font files for all the fonts used in the logo and sub logo

I really appreciated all the things she created for me. When we started the process I thought I would simply be getting a new logo, but having the already made marketing materials was a nice touch. 

Throughout the whole process she kept encouraging me to be completely honest about what I liked and disliked and not make a final decision if there were still tweaks I thought should be made. She was easy to work with and everything was done in a timely manner. She really took the time to understand me and my branding needs and her creativity was on point. I'm extremely happy with the way my new logo looks and Amy will be the first person I recommend for web and branding design. 

@amyhirschi_          Amy Hirschi

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