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#HonestReview Bobux Shoes

I first heard of Bobux USA from a friend last December when Oliver was about 6 months old. He wasn't even crawling at that point so he never wore shoes. Just socks. About a week after the new year Oliver started army crawling. Still no real reason to put shoes on him. But I had some cute blue converse from his Glamma Blanch and a pair of tan shoes from a friend that he wore on Sunday's. But he still rarely wore shoes. 

Once Oliver started learning how to walk he really started wearing shoes. I have a pair of black Keenes that he wears in the water and random every day use but I wanted a cute little bit nicer pair of shoes for him. I got these navy blue shoes from Bobux. 

Oliver has been wearing them for over a month now on Sundays and 2-3 days out of the week when we go out of the house to run errands or play at the park. I wanted him to wear them for a bit before I gave a review and here are my thoughts.  


- They are cute and there are lots of style options

- He has room to grow so he can wear them longer than a month

- They are leather on the inside so his feet don't stink!!! It's summer time and it's hot outside so naturally his feet are going to get pretty warm. But the Bobux shoes don't make them stink like his Keenes or some cheap material shoe. And when you play wth a one year old you bet their feet get in your face at some point

- They have Velcro straps which are much easier than laces

- If you are the type of person that wants their kid to wear shoes when they are crawling or just standing up before walking Bobux have specific styles for that stage of development

- They are easy to clean. These shoes are fabric on the outside and most dirt and stuff I can get off just with a wash cloth easily. Plus the color is dark so a stain isn't going to show up very well

- Oliver is still yet to hit the pro stage of walking so he trips and falls a lot. The rubber sole on these shoes is amazing! I haven't seen any weird wearing down on them yet


- They are a little more expensive than what I would normally want to pay for baby shoes. But if I can get another kid to wear them at some point in the future then that would be great (that was not any type of announcement). I think they will still be in great condition after Oliver grows out of them

Overall I love these shoes. They are simple but modern and Oliver doesn't seem to mind them. He can wear them as normal day shoes or as nicer shoes when we go to church or a wedding. 


Random Fact!!! 

More than 2,500 left-handed people are killed each year from using products that are designed for right-handed people