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#HonestReview Kortni Jeane & Rad Swim

As a teenager I always bought my swimsuits from Target or Kohls. They were decently priced and they had lots of options. Swimsuits from these stores usually had a lifespan of 1-2 years before they were over stretched and slightly see-through from being in the water and sun. Buying my swimsuits from those places was perfect as a teenager. But now than I'm an adult, pretty sure I have been for awhile now, I want my swimsuit collection to be better quality, fit well, and last longer. I have a swimsuit addiction and would love to buy ten new suits every year but my budget doesn't really allow for that. I've tried some suits from Kortni Jeane and Rad Swim. Both have their pro's and con's but which one would you say is better? 

Kortni Jeane

So a little over a year ago I got a size small high-rise top. It was waaaaaaaaay too small. It was too tight on my waist but the chest was very small. I do not have a large chest. In fact I barely have boobs at all so I was really surprised that it was too tight and they were popping out the sides of this swimsuit. Now part of that has to do with the sizing of this swimsuit and the other part is the style. The model that wore this top for this shoot doesn't have massive boobs but bigger than me. I had to do some retouching to pull the girls back in from the sides a bit. It does cut in as it goes up to the neckline and is cute but if you have larger boobs I would not recommend this style at all. There are other styles more suited to larger chested women.

Fast forward to a month ago. I went to the Kortni Jeane warehouse sale with my cousin and really wanted to by a floral ladder back top. I wanted a new fun swimsuit for this summer from KJ that I could actually wear. Since the other one was too small I figured all KJ tops ran small and decided to buy a medium. Well as luck would have it it was too big! Since I bought it at the sale there are no returns or exchanges so I am currently trying to trade my size medium KJ top for a size small so if you want to trade send me a message. Now there are good things about Kortni Jeane. I do like that they have tons of styles of tops and bottoms in many patterns and colors so those who want to mix n match can. And the variety of styles really gives customers lots of options. Not to mention I am in love with the pink and white candy stripes and am so tempted to buy a top in that style. KJ has better quality swimwear than Target or Kohls as far as I can tell. They feel thicker but not too thick but I'm curious to see how they do over the next couple years. Kortni Jeane tops run from $68 to $70 but they have tons of sales and giveaways so there are lots of opportunities to get a good deal.

Rad Swim

Rad Swim carries some fun patterns that you can almost always purchase in a one piece or tankini. My experience with Rad has been a positive one. On their website they have an easy to read sizing chart. If a swimsuit fits differently than the standard sizing chart they share that information! They tell you if the swimsuit fits large or small so you know what size to buy. I love that they do this so I can ensure that I buy the right size. Since the tankinis are sold as a set they would normally both come in the same size. Small bottoms with a small top. But if you know you need your top to be a different size than your bottom all you have to do is ask. Send them an email and they will send you the correct sizes. If things don't fit you have 30 days to send it back which is more than double compared to Kortni Jeane's 14 day policy. Rad also includes a return/exchange card in each order so it makes it super simple to return items that don't fit.

So far I am really happy with the quality and cut of the swimsuits I bought. The one piece swim suits are a little stiff pulling it over my hips but I don't feel like it is stretching it too much or ruining the swim suit. It's tight because it is cut to fit on my waist and not be baggy. And since my hips are bigger than my waist it's a little stiff, but it feels great and fits like a glove when on. The Breanne swimsuit I got actually has firm cups so it has a good amount of support, not that I need it or anything. KJ tops only have a shelf bra so if you are larger chested they might not have the support you are looking for. The other Rad swimsuit I have (Holly) doesn't have as firm of a cup as the Breanne but it still has plenty of support and fits nicely at the top so when I bend over nothing is showing. There was one small flaw in the stitching of my Breanne suit. Where the black and white stripes met the floral the black and white looks like the floral is coming up over it a little more than the rest of the suit where the black and white is going over the floral. This is a very small flaw that I didn't notice till I had worn it a few times and doesn't bother me at all. I'm pretty sure no one else would notice it if I didn't tell them.


Here is my conclusion on these brands. They are both good quality swimsuit brands. Their styles are a little different so maybe you will choose where you buy your swimsuit based completely on that. I would say Rad Swim has more chest support since Kortni Jeane only has shelf bras in their tops. But Kortni Jeane sizing is all over the place so talk to people about the sizing of the specific style you are looking at BEFORE you buy. When it comes to price Rad Swim has a wider range of prices and since their tops and bottoms are sold as a set it actually makes them cheaper. $80 for a top and a bottom where KJ tops are $70 then bottoms are $30-50. I like both brands styles and I love my KJ bottoms and I'm sure I will like a KJ top once I get one in the right size. Overall I would say Rad Swim is totally worth buying at full price. If you can get it on sale great but it is worth paying full price for the quality. Kortni Jeane is not worth buying full price. They are slightly less quality than Rad Swim and they have sales all the time so don't pay full price. Do your research, figure out which style you want and the size you need, and sign up for their newsletter/alerts. Then watch for sales and giveaways and get your tops and bottoms that way #HonestReview

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