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My Name is Melea


I don't think I've ever really introduced myself to my blog. I know I've said "for those that know me..." but not everyone does. My name is Melea and my blog is changing a bit.

I'm married to a Canadian and have the cutest little one year old. I'm half Italian and look and act almost exactly like my mom. I was born and raised in Colorado and it will always be my home and favorite place even if I'm not living there. I hate minivans with a passion and will never own one. I love to cook and garden and I talk to my plants to help them grow. It works. I promise. I sometimes sew and do DIY projects for myself. I make spaghetti sauce from fresh tomatoes almost every week and love flowers.

I've been graduated from BYU for two years now and photography life for me has gone a little differently than I thought. Our original plan was to move to New York after my husband graduated the year after me. I would intern with a fashion photographer and he would pursue engineering. But as fate would have it plans don't always go exactly the way you thought or want. Instead we've decided to stay in Utah because my husband got an amazing job at an engineering firm here and a couple weeks after he started working we had our baby boy Oliver. It's taken my photography in a little different direction than I thought. I always wanted to strictly be fashion and fashion only. That turned into fashion/lifestyle which is now turning into almost anything lifestyle. Is fashion photography doable here in Utah? Yes, but it is extremely more difficult. I've found that most potential clients are very small brands with little to no budget. The first year out of college I did a lot of free work and trades to build my portfolio more. I then grew tired of doing work for free and basically free. People who don't understand photography see it as pushing a button and adding filters but it is so much more than that. I also don't use filters... I spend hours upon hours retouching images depending on the shoot and what the client wants. Anyway I've been trying to adapt and am always working on building my client base and getting more work.

One thing that comes with building my website and brand is building a blog to go with it. In school my favorite professor stressed that we needed to blog. I hated blogging. I felt like I couldn't think of anything worth blogging about and didn't want to get lumped into the group of mommy bloggers. There are some amazing mommy bloggers out there but that's not who I wanted to be. I wanted to only do fashion and I wanted my blog to be relevant to my fashion photography. Every now and then I've blogged about fashion trends, shoots I've done, and models I've worked with. A few times I've done a shoot for trade (product for post) with a brand. I got a maternity dress and nursing dress from Pink Blush and wrote a blog post and Instagram post about it. It was fun and I desperately needed a good maternity dress since I was 8 months pregnant at the time so it was worth it. But me wearing/presenting product in exchange for a blog post where I still have to find a way to do the images wasn't what I wanted my blog to be.

So as I've been sitting here at Lake Powell on our family vacation I think I've finally decided where I want my blog to go. One of my best friends Sarah has told me multiple times that I should turn it into a lifestyle blog. I could do fashion as well as show my once in awhile family outings and just be me. Oh and share some random facts that you have no use for :) But the type of blog post I really want to start adding to my blog is fashion comparisons/reviews. So many times when reading someone's blog post about a brands product I feel like there's pressure to give it a good review and only say the positive things. And since the brand gave the product for the post it's all fluff. But that's not always the whole story and there isn't usually something else to compare it to. I don't want to go around slamming brands or anything. That's not what I'm out to do. What I want to do is give honest reviews. I've had friends ask me what I've thought about different brands and different products and I don't want to lead them astray. I'm honest about my pros and cons. So #honestreviews will be throughout my blog and the first one will be coming out in the next week about Rad Swim and Kortni Jeane. So be on the lookout for it to learn what I've found to be the pros and cons of each brand.

RANDOM FACT!!! Watermelon is not a fruit!!! It's actually a vegetable. Its related to cucumbers and gourds.