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Oh Hello 2017

Hey 2017. Didn't see you there. I can't believe we are already more than half way through January 2017!!! Well I guess theres no better time to set a "New Year's Resolution" like the present. Last year my resolution here was to blog more. What does that even mean!?!?! I blogged a total of 8 times...Now to be fair that WAS more than the previous year. You don't have to tell me twice how sad that is. Well let's try again. Making its appearance for the second time is the blogging more New Years Resolution!!! 

I kind of set myself up for failure last year by having such a vague blogging goal. Now to toot my own horn a bit I did set a second New Years Resolution last year that I actually kept the entire year!!!! First time for everything! My resolution was that I would not go to bed with mascara and or foundation/powder on. I had a bad habit of wearing mascara and face makeup two days in a row and didn't have a habit of washing my face in the evenings. Now to be honest I still am not in the habit of washing my face every evening or even every other evening, but whenever I wore mascara or some type of face makeup (excluding eyeliner and eyebrows) I washed my face before I went to bed. ALL YEAR!!! Still going strong. Yeah me!!!

What I'm getting at is I'm the type of person that needs a goal with some type of quantity or deadline. Like every time this happens I do this. Or I will do said goal a certain number of times a week. Now I could be bold and say I'm going to blog every single week but lets be real, I'm a new mom with a flighty memory. I remember the strangest, most irrelevant, and sometimes useless things, like who threw up at my fourth birthday tea party or cooking tips most people don't care about or why it's so incredibly wrong to say paninis instead of panini (I'm Italian and I care). But unless something is on my calendar for a specific time and date or I am so super excited about it or it is life and death important there is a good chance I will forget it and remember after it's passed or strangely remember everything about what is going on...Go ahead and ask me how many times I've seen someone and said "Hey we had that class together three years ago and you like bagels and have two brothers". They then tell me they maybe recognize my face. My memory can be very unreliable and somewhat stalkerish I guess.

So here is my goal. Since I only blogged 8 times last year and there are 12 months in a year I am going to beat my 2016 self by a whopping 4 blog posts!!! Yes my goal is to blog at least once a month, and this one totally counts for January. Hopefully I am blogging more than that since I not only want to blog about fashion stuff but also the random shoots I'm doing and the people I'm working with. I might throw in some of my random facts and tidbits as they come to me and they most likely wont have anything to do with what I'm blogging about! But hey that's my life and that's my brain :) 

Wondering why there are pictures of my kid on this post? It's because he is so darn cute and I didn't have anything else to put on here...oops #gerberbaby