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The End of Summer

As summer comes to an end many of us need one last hurrah. Mine was in the form of a photo shoot with a beautiful friesian named Liam aka gorgeous black horse.


I contacted his owner @kristin371011 to set a date Liam was available. Then I pulled together my favorite stylists. @lauren_day_artistry is my go-to makeup girl. @sammajammajade does amazing things with hair and spices it up with a fun braid or two. @somethinglikeoliviaaa is one of the most talented models I've worked with in the past, so naturally I had to book her. And finally @labstyles was on wardrobe. She worked with @gypsysoulgallery and brought along some amazing options. 


After an hour or two of hair and makeup we ventured out to a field to create some magic.


Friesians have always been a favorite breed of horse for me and I was basically freaking out the whole time. Liam was so majestic and beautiful and I wanted to take him home so I could look at him all day. He was also very calm and well behaved which made it fairly easy for Olivia to model with him.


Despite how much I love fall and winter fashion I'm always sad to see summer go. It's my favorite season and this was a great way to say goodbye to summer shoots. No more shorts or swimsuits for awhile. See you next year summer. Bring on fall and all it comes with.