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Fashion With A Bump...Or Two

Usually when I think of fashion I think of beautiful women in trendy clothing, gorgeous men in tailored suits, and happy children in adorable outfits. One area of fashion that I feel is forgotten about until you personally need it is maternity and post maternity fashion. Luckily some brands have devoted themselves to creating flattering trendy clothing to fit the maternity bump and boob access of nursing.

Pink Blush has so many great options for maternity, nursing, and regular women's fashion. Many of their maternity dresses can be worn through a whole pregnancy and post pregnancy without looking like you're still wearing maternity clothing.

I wanted to look and feel great while my body went through the crazy changes of pregnancy. This shimmery white dress made me feel beautiful. It fit and accented my bump, but had enough body to still look great after my bump disappeared.

Not every maternity dress from Pink Blush is nursing friendly but many are. I gave birth to my baby boy a month ago. I love my little peanut, but it's been difficult adjusting to post pregnancy and nursing in terms of wardrobe.

Most of my clothing is nursing friendly, but many of my dresses are not :( and will have to wait awhile to see the light of day. Luckily Pink Blush had a great selection of dresses that are stylish and so easy to nurse in! This patterned beauty is one of many and is the first, but not the last that I'll purchase from Pink Blush.

Pregnancy and nursing are life changing events and big adjustments in general. Wardrobe is only one of those changes, but your style doesn't have to suffer as your body and life change.

Dress well. Feel great.