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Swimwear for 2016

Spring is great but summer is on it's way!!! We've all seen that vintage style swimwear has been making a comeback. Here are a few great brands that have totally embodied this vintage style with their own flare.

1. Kortni Jeane

If you are looking for high waisted bottoms and different styles of tops that can be mixed and matched Kortni Jeane is the place to shop. They have a variety of styles and patterns that all somehow go together. No matter which patterns you choose you'll have fun swimsuit options for summer. Kortni Jeane is also one of the few vintage style brands that carries mens, womens, & childrens swimwear.

2. Rey Swimwear

Jessica Rey has been using Audrey Hepburn as inspiration for her brand of swimwear. Swimsuits from Rey Swimwear are meant to last. They are made from a thicker fabric than other swimwear brands. Many styles can be worn throughout a whole pregnancy and still fit after the belly is gone while maintaining their original shape. They also carry select styles for children.

3. Rad Swim

Fringe, sequins, floral, and lace! Rad Swim has amazing swimsuits that are modern and cute but still embody a vintage style. Each swimsuit is unique and will stand out at the pool this summer. They carry many of their styles for women, tween, & children and have some of the best one piece swimsuits out there.