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Four Tips for Model Etiquette

I have worked with a lot of different models both great and not so great. What makes the great ones great is not only their talent, but is so much more. Here are 4 tips on etiquette every model should posses.

1. Punctuality Matters

When a photographer or stylist gives you a time to meet for a shoot, show up at least 5 minutes early. When the model shows up late it sets everything back. It is so frustrating when a photoshoot or video shoot has been planned and everyone is ready to go and we are waiting on the model to get started. Everyone involved has other things on their schedule and doesn't have all day to sit around and wait for a model who is late. Time is money.

2. Don't Be a Drama Queen

When you show up to a shoot be kind and respectful to everyone involved. It doesn't matter how big or small someone's job is on a shoot, every job is important. Your part as a model is important, but models can be replaced. Kind and pleasant models are more enjoyable to work with.

3. Commitment is Key

If you commit to a photoshoot, whether it is paid or trade, give it your all. Show up when asked and follow any instructions given beforehand or during the shoot. Yes we all know life is crazy and sometimes hits us when we don't expect it. If you have to cancel give the photographer ample time to find a replacement. If you decide to not show up without telling anyone don't expect to ever work with that photographer again no matter how talented you are.

4. Be Patient & Respectful

After a photoshoot everyone gets excited to see and post the finished images. Be patient with the photographer. They will give you images when they are ready/allowed and will let you know when you are allowed to post images. Make sure you respect the photographers work. DO NOT alter the images in any way. This includes adding brightness, contrast, any Instagram filter, etc. It is so rude to alter a photographers hard work and style without permission.


I would rather work with a model who is kind with a lower skill level than a rude, drama queen not matter how great their talent.