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Don't Freak Out! - For Art Directors, HMUA, Models, Etc.

I was recently working on a promo video for Rey Swimwear. The planning started over a month in advanced. Almost everyone that could have canceled at some point did. It was a planning nightmare. Models cancelled left and right, makeup had a family emergency, hair had two assistants that cancelled the night before, the location cancelled the morning of and each needed a replacement. It's safe to say how I originally planned the shoot changed and my vision of the video was altered. In the end everything worked out and we were able to get the shots we needed. 

For those involved in the shoot, but not involved in planning or hiring, here are some tips to not freak out when things seem like they are falling apart.

1. DON'T Doubt the Photographer - Your photographer knows what they are doing or they wouldn't be planning a shoot with more personal than themselves and a model. Trust they will do a good job and pull everything together.

2. Stay Calm - Put yourself in a calm state. Think happy and positive thoughts. If you're the model, think about what you will do in front of the camera. If you are the hair or makeup artist, visualize what the model will look like when you're through working your magic.

3. Give Him/Her Time - Your photographer is likely freaking out because it motivates them to think of a solution to the problem quicker. If they have exhausted a few solutions already, maybe suggest a solution to the problem, but ONLY if you know they wont take offense to it. We all have connections and would like to help, but you don't want to throw them off track of a good idea.

If you follow these tips the photo/video shoot should come together smoothly without a cancellation of the entire production and everyone will be happy.

Melea Nelson Pictures    Swimwear - Rey Swimwear      

Melea Nelson Pictures    Swimwear - Rey Swimwear