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Know Your Nose - 3 Tips to Trying Perfumes

I think we all know the excitement of walking into the perfume section of a department store ready to try the latest and greatest perfumes. BUUUUUUUTTTTTTT, that excitement can lead you to dropping some serious dough on a perfume that wont smell the same as when you try it the next day. Here are 3 tips to remember when trying perfumes.

Melea Nelson Pictures

Melea Nelson Pictures

1. Three Strikes You're Out

After smelling three different perfumes in a row, your nose begins to mix the different scents. This means the fourth perfume you smell will be different than if you were to smell it first thing the next day.

2. Coffee is Key

Perfume counters usually have small containers of coffee beans to solve the three strikes rule. Smelling coffee beans is like clearing your pallet...but for your nose. If you plan on smelling multiple perfumes, smell coffee beans between each perfume to start with a clean slate.

3. Paper vs Skin

Every person is different and has different skin. The same perfume will smell different on you than it will on your friend, as well as the paper test strips. It is best to test the perfume on your wrist rather than paper. Spray and let it sit on your skin for a few minutes so the perfume as time to settle into your skin. DO NOT press or rub your wrists together. You will crush the ingredients and change the scent of the perfume.

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